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                                                       FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE

Joseph Sheedy, Marketing Resources founder and principal representative brings uniquely pertinent qualifications to your search with years of both executive search and biomedical marketing experience. One might say Joe is the outsider with an insider's expertise - a person who has been in the clients' staffing position and is sensitive to their marketing needs. He holds a BS degree in Chemistry from San Jose State University, a MBA from Babson College and is a Licensed Professional Engineer. Before founding Marketing Resources, Mr. Sheedy held staff and line positions in marketing and engineering management  with Varian Associates, Litton Industries, Jarrell-Ash Company and Instrumentation Laboratory, Inc. - all major participants in technology and biomedical fields.


Candidate and company information are confidential and discussed only with the  explicit approval of our candidate or company client! 

Marketing Resources 

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