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Marketing Resources provides proven capabilities to identify, attract and secure qualified medical marketing professionals for clients in the biomedical industry. Clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, primarily manufacturers and marketers of diagnostic and therapeutic products and providers of specialized health care services.

The candidates most often sought include Product/Marketing Managers and marketing-related technical personnel. We have also provided for the staffing of many senior marketing positions at both Director and Vice Presidential level.


Why should a successful company turn to us for that crucial product manager or seasoned marketing leader, rather than to use other search alternatives?

Because the best candidates are often the toughest to find, let alone secure (they are generally so absorbed in current positions that they're not even thinking of another).

And because you are too busy doing marketing to add a big search-and-screen mission to your busy schedule.


Marketing Resources' fees are reasonable and negotiable at the time assignments are accepted. We can work on a contingency or retained search basis depending upon the urgency and challenges involved in the assignment.

Either way, you can be confident of your money's worth (and often, due to the accomplishments of outstanding producers whom we secure for you, much much more).


We are proud of the substantial and growing list of clients satisfactorily served by Marketing Resources.

Some use us exclusively to staff for expansions, replacements or to support new marketing programs for a unique product introduction.

Clients have often created positions for the exceptional people we recommend; they are that impressed with our candidates' quality and marketing achievements.

We are client oriented and work to keep our contacts pleasant, discreet and as confidential as possible.


The major reason many employers come (and come back) to Marketing Resources for critical recruitment needs, is that we specialists do a better job.

Executive search is not a part-time chore with us. It is our only business. We have the skills, contacts, time, tact and objectivity to bring you highly qualified, pre-screened candidates who are precisely matched to your marketing requirements in a manner that otherwise might never happen.

In addition, compared with other search consultants, we bring you compelling advantages in sourcing for biomedical marketing functions.


Marketing Resources has built a proprietary relational database of hundreds of qualified biomedical marketing candidates to improve greatly your chances of hiring the perfect match for your marketing needs.

Updated daily, it provides you with a greatly expanded network "that is ready to work for you," according to Mr. Sheedy.

Coupled with his personal enthusiasm and diplomacy, his long term relationships in the marketing field enable Mr. Sheedy to uniquely assess the professional suitability and interpersonal chemistries of a recruiting challenge, better than others in the executive search field.

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